Pure sine wave inverter 300w 12v 24v TS300


Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 300W – Model No.: TS300
Factory default color for case–Blue, the color can according to customer requirement make it.
Green Light: working status
Red Light: fault/protection indicator
DC input voltage: 12V or24V
AC output voltage: 100V-120V or 220-240V


Features of Pure sine wave inverter 300w 12v

1.USB output: DC 5V/2.1A
2.Power switch:I: ON O: OFF
3.No LED digital display function
4.Positive terminal: connect to battery positive electrode (+)
5.Negative terminal: connect to battery negative electrode (-)
6.Intelligence fan: it starts and shuts down intelligently depending on the temperature and loads, efficient and energy-saving.
7.100% pure copper: contains 99.5%-99.5%copper and silver, with high performance in conductivity and efficiency.
8.High-end chip and high quality MOS tubes
9.Pure sine wave output
10.300Watts continuous power
11.600Watts surge power
Perfect pure sine waveform output, input and output are completely independent.Fully electric protection: lower voltage alarm &shutdown, over voltage, earth fault, short circuit,

over load, soft start, over temperature, polarity reverse.
Product has been improved more scientifically based on the traditional craft.
Aluminum shell has improved its sturdiness and heat dissipation so as to extend its service life.

And it ensures the products’ performance once again.
Adopt new safe connecting terminal
LED screen display shows full working condition
Special designed for sensitive loads such as 1Pi A/C
Excellent loading capacity running small power sensitive electric appliances
Conversion efficiency is up to 94%

How to use with pure sine wave inverter 300w 12v ?
DC input power is supply selection:
DC power is supplied from the battery or car cigarette lighter. choose 12v,24v input voltage according to the different product specifications. warning: when installing the storage battery. if the acid substance of the storage battery is exposed to the skin or clothing, please wash with soap and fresh water immediately.

Connected the inverter to the power supply:
A: the inverter and electric equipment switches to “OFF”, the power supply keeps off.
B: use the cable to connect the inverter terminal and the battery, red connected line is “+”,black terminal as the cathode”-”
C: turn on the power switch, start the loads, the inverter will provide power to the loads.


Pure sine wave inverter 300w 12v PDF file


Pure sine wave inverter 300w 12v package way:
Exact overall dimension and mounting chart, make the installation more accurate and convenience for shipping.
Unit: cm
Net weight:1.4kg
Gross weight :1.8kg


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