12V 1kva german made inverter output 220V 1000w pure sine wave


Model No.:FS1000
Avant-garde style,aluminum casing and plastic lateral plate,Default color for case–Blue, But can be OEM
DC input voltage: 12V or 24V or 48V
AC output voltage:100V-120V or 220-240V
Rated power:1000W
Surge power:2000W
USB output: DC 5V/2.1A
Optional function:LCD digital display / Remote control
Special configuration: 5 meters LCD remote controller (optional)
Remote controller CR50 / DR80 (optional)
Package List:
1 x 1000 W Power Inverter
2 x set of red and black cables
1 x bag of in-line fuse
1 x User Manual



FS series is the “Newest Inverter” developed by Solarway team and German technical team based on NP series.A new brand “Solarvertech” was born ,new design concept, All technology and circuit upgrades.
Unique shape that cannot be duplicated
Upgraded square “plastic terminal”,Safer, less prone to deformation
Input & output fully isolated and materials are in full compliance with EU standard.
Featured with high reliability and low failure rate by using the advanced single chip intellectual control technology.
Default remote control function,that is specially customized for Vehicle,Caravan,RV etc mobile home. And good for building a mobile off-grid solar power system.
“3 Years parts replacement and Maintenance warranty”

Where the long-term power or voltage instability, 1000 w inverter can be used as the backup power, you load a lot of appliance, such as fridge, TV, coffee machine, even small induction cooker and other appliances. Greater use is 1000 w can connect the solar panel, controller, and battery, do a mobile power supply, no matter where can use.As a new trend, Solarvertech will soon put mobile power systems on the market.Stay tuned for our“Mobile Solar Power Systems” .


OutputAC Voltage100/110/120VAC220/230/240VAC
Rated Power2000W
Surge PowerLoad 120~150%(3min.);4000W(3sec.;resistive)
WaveformPure Sine Wave
USB port5V 2.1A5V 2.1A——5V 2.1A5V 2.1A——
InputDC Voltage12VDC24VDC48VDC12VDC24VDC48VDC
Voltage Range10.5~15VDC21~30VDC42~60VDC10.5~15VDC21~30VDC42~60VDC
Remote ControlFunction(optional)
ProtectionBAT.Low Alarm10.5±0.5VDC21±1.0VDC42±2.0VDC10.5±0.5VDC21±1.0VDC42±2.0VDC
BAT.Low Shutdown10±0.5VDC20±1.0VDC40±2.0VDC10±0.5VDC20±1.0VDC40±2.0VDC
Over LoadShut down output voltage, restart to recover
Over Voltage15.5±0.5VDC31±1.0VDC62±2.0VDC15.5±0.5VDC31±1.0VDC62±2.0VDC
Over TemperatureShut down output voltage, recover automatically after temperature goes down
Output ShortShut down output voltage, restart to recover
DC Input Reverse PolarityBy fuse
Earth FaultShut off o/p when the load has electrical leakage
Soft StartYes, 3~5 Seconds


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