SOLARVERtech is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of portable off-grid solar power inverter. For more than a decade, we are continuously provided high-quality and affordable portable solar power systems. The global COVID-19 epidemic lasted for half a year, but the solar market grew significantly.

Google trend of solar inverter an power inverter system
Google trend of solar inverter and power inverter system

On June 17, 2020, China, SOLARVERtech provided Germany with a 40-foot container off-grid solar power system. Compared with the same period last year, our shipments increased by 20%. It also can be clearly find from the recent 12 months of Google Trends that off-grid pure sine wave power inverters and movable solar power generation systems have strong market demand.

Overtime-to-catch-German-portable-Off-grid solar power inverter

We provide OEM/ODM customized services. According to positive market feedback, the higher-end NK series PV power inverter will also be available soon. SOLARVERtech is looking for distributors around worldwide. We are always waiting for you online. shopping for power inverter
Jiaxing, China


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