In the COVID-19 epidemic, SOLARVERtech’s Chinese factory produced off-grid solar inverter as usual, but we canceled most of the celebrations. There are a few photes from previous years and have a quiet Dragon Boat Festival.

May 5 of Chinese calendar is the Dragon Boat Festival in China, in honor of a great patriotic poet QuYuan. On this day, there are dragon boat races and delicious zongzi. The people eat meat zongzi in the south but sweet rice in the north.

SOLARVERtech Off-grid solar inverter Chinese factory, Jiaxing, is a typical Jiangnan ancient town. The well-to-do mentality allows the Jiaxing people to live diligently and diligently, and treat their work meticulously. Jiaxing Manufacturing is a trusted symbol in China. Our products are as delicate and reliable as life.


Tomorrow will be on holiday. All employees get holiday gifts and have a quiet Dragon Boat Festival with their families.Wish everyone all the best.


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